Nationwide Prorated 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty*

Midwest Autoworx offers a three-year/36,000-mile (unless otherwise disclosed) limited warranty on most repairs completed at both Columbia locations. This warranty is the best the automotive industry offers and a testament to the quality and reliability of our technician’s work. To learn more about the specifics of this warranty, we encourage you to keep reading or contact either Midwest Autoworx locations.

This warranty covers the following types of repairs and services:
A. Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems.
B. Engine cooling systems.
C. Engine performance, drivability, services and repair.
D. Emission control system.
E. Fuel systems.
F. Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems, (engine, body, brake and suspension computers).
G. Cruise control systems.
H. Brake system.
I. Starting and charging systems.
J. Electrical systems.
K. Exhaust system.
L. Ignition system.
M. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV-joints/U-joints, half-shafts and drive-shafts.
N. Other minor repairs.

If the service or repair originally performed by our team and performed at the owner’s expense needs to be corrected within the warranty period, we will correct the defective service or repair. Midwest Autoworx’s warranty extends full coverage of parts and labor for 12-months/12,000 miles. The warranty is extended for an additional 24-months/24,000 miles on a prorated basis at either Midwest Autoworx location.

If the vehicle is more than 25 miles from a Midwest Autoworx location and experiences a failure covered under warranty most parts and labor services are backed by a 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty at over 1,000 participating locations.

Exclusions for warranty include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles that have not been operated or maintained as specified in the vehicle manufacturer Owner’s Manual.
  • Vehicles that have been abused, altered outside of original automotive factory specifications, improperly stored, or used for racing or competition of any kind.
  • Vehicle that have had the odometer removed, tampered with or will not display correctly.
  • Vehicles that have been altered for high performance.
  • The customer wished to use a part of their finding or a used/salvaged part.
  • The customer wished to use a part or material covered by other warranties or services.
  • The vehicle has been altered, misused or improperly maintained to the extent that the vehicle needs to have the service repeated or repaired.
  • The vehicle has been in a collision or has suffered road hazard damage.
  • Incidental or consequential damages occur. For example, the vehicle loses value, the customer loses profits or earnings or the customer has to pay for substitute transportation or lodging.

At Midwest Autoworx, we don’t just want you in and out and on your way. We intend to be your go-to auto repair shops in Columbia for as long as your vehicle is on the road. With our team on your side, we think that will be for quite a long time. Our auto mechanics can service and repair all makes and models of vehicles, and your vehicle is no different. We are located at 2001 Rangeline Street in Columbia, MO 65202 and 1300 W. Call Midwest Autoworx to learn more about our warranty.