Tire Services

When it comes to tires and tire services, your won’t find a better auto repair shop in Columbia than Midwest Autoworx. That’s because our highly-skilled auto mechanics have access to superior equipment that enables Midwest Autoworx to handle those jobs other auto repair and tire shops won’t touch. For example, we have the only machine in the state of Missouri that can “true“ a tire and our highly-skilled auto mechanics put it to good use in delivering exceptional tire repair and alignment.

Every tire is designed to be perfectly round, and every rim is, too. But after hitting potholes and curbs, that’s no longer true. Our machine calculates vibration levels in your tires and shave off millimeters from the high spots to make it your tires perfectly round. At Midwest Autoworx, we can handle wheels up to 26 inches in diameter.

In fact, our tire repair services are so superior other tire shops and dealerships send their customers to Midwest Autoworx this service. We also have a machine that enables us to reverse mount wheels. Our investment in superior equipment is just a small indication of our commitment to you. Check out this recent five-star review from one of our many satisfied customers:

“Great service. Checked tires without appt., always friendly and courteous, Not too pricey. Good work!” -- Mary Ann S.

Call Midwest Autoworx if you have questions about your tires or schedule an appointment online. We’re located at 2001 Rangeline Street in Columbia, MO 65202 and 1300 W. At Midwest Autoworx, our expert auto mechanics look forward to taking care of you, your tires and all your auto repair needs.