Fluid Exchange / Transfusion

When your vehicle needs maintenance be sure to include fluid exchanges - transfusions for your car. At Midwest Autoworx in Columbia, our highly-skilled auto mechanics are experts at fluid exchange and all your other auto repair needs. We know that many auto repair shops and dealerships, often don’t include fluid exchanges in their maintenance services.

Think about it. Over time, fluid systems like those for your transmission, brakes, and power steering gunk up your hoses and other moving parts. And while it’s important to replace fluids as they decline, every now and then, it pays to clean out the system and start over from scratch. We use superior BG fluid products to keep everything working smoothly for longer periods of time. We also stand behind our work with a 3-year/36,00-mile warranty.

At Midwest Autoworx we make it our business to help you get the most from your vehicle over the longest possible time and fluid exchanges/transfusions are a part of that effort. We think you’ll appreciate our honesty, integrity and straight-forward approach to auto repair. Here’s what one of our many satisfied customers has to say:

“Everything was very thoroughly explained to me. There was a list of things that the dealership had told me my car would need "at 70K miles" and, while I want everything done necessary, I take very good care of my car and it bothered me that they were just reading off a script. This place only recommended that I have a fluid changed and they brought me their whole worksheet and demonstration to explain what they'd do and why. It was very helpful and affordable and I appreciate their service. I will be returning.”-- Christina

Call Midwest Autoworx To learn more about our fluid exchange services or schedule an appointment online. We’re located at 2001 Rangeline Street in Columbia, MO 65202 and 1300 W. At Midwest Autoworx, our expert auto mechanics look forward to taking care of you, your fluid exchanges and all your auto repair needs.