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Amazing service! I brought my vehicle in to have breaks replaced- they had been replaced TWICE within two years and this was the third! Midwest Autoworx not only fixed it, but inverted them so it wouldn’t happen again. This was my first, but definitely not my last, experience with them!


Like the idea of sending inspection onto my phone. That was great!


Fast. Good work. Got me in when no one else could.


Great and Speedy Service!


Excellent service as usual on our Mazda 3. Midwest has been servicing all of my vehicles for many years and they do a great job.


Thorough and reliable. If you are willing to spend a few dollars! Nothing good comes cheap


Staff was very friendly and service was completed quickly.


I wanted to get a custom exhaust installed I ordered a kit that I knew would mostly fit but would need some custom work getting it initially mated up to the factory piping. The shop folks at Midwest listened to what I wanted done, went over the truck and the parts with me and got it done very quickly and for a good price. Would 100% recommend!


Work performed quickly and professional a's usual, even without prearranged appointment.


This is a horrible place I will never send any body to this place. The manager nick was rude and unprofessional and lies thru his teeth

The problem with online reviews is anybody can say whatever they want with out any facts. Your car has an intoxalock unit which puts a very slight electrical load on your battery, it can only interrupt the starters ability to engage. When you called and complained that the unit was not working properly we agreed to have it towed here at no charge if that was the root cause of your problem. After inspecting your vehicle we sent you digital pictures of the bad battery cable and oil leaking through your starter and explained that the unit was working properly. This electrically installed unit cannot make your car leak oil or damage your starter or damage your battery cables. We spent a lot of time explaining the issues over the phone to you but have had no success in the process. The problems with your car are not related to the Intoxalock unit. We have looked at your vehicle at no charge to you for the evaluation and for the time spent trying to reason with you. We are not going to repair your car for free or let you abuse us on the internet. There are very few customers that we have to fire but you are one. Please take your vehicle to someone that you trust.

- Midwest Autoworx