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    I rarely do these types of reviews but I feel like maybe others could benefit from the information.   I am not here to bash a business nor make them look bad.  I did business with Midwest Autoworx for a few years.  Oil changes, monthly visits, all new tires, inspections, batteries,  air conditioning repairs, problem with gear shift, etc.  You name it, I took my car there.  I had an incident with some tires a few months ago with this business.  Apparently, there was a miscommunication between what I needed done to my tires (bought from them) and what was actually done at my oil changes.  I assumed also I would be told anything they felt was needed to keep my tires up to par, seeing as they knew me extremely well, and I considered this as my go to place. Long story short, things did not end well and I now drive clear across town for services needed bc I refuse to give anymore of my money.  The fact of the matter is that I am not blaming anyone but I felt that when my issues were brought up, that the store manager at the shop in Columbia was very condescending and rude about my concerns.  I can accept that maybe they couldn't do anything for me per policy but nobody deserves to be treated badly as a customer or feel that way.  All the other workers at this facility were great but the manager did not show professionalism. It was not until I took the car up to the shop with my father and husband that he showed any interest at all.  Before this, it was more of a "what do you want me to do" attitude.  Had the manager not been so rude I would have probably kept going there and probably bought the new tires I needed from them again. I've spent thousands with them over a few years and sometimes a little customer service goes a long way.  Maybe ask what you can do to help, not shrug and give the bottom line.   This situation aside, I must say that James the owner is a great guy.  He always went above and beyond to help.  He was not at the Columbia location this day, unfortunately (or I did not see him).  Maybe things would have been different but this situation killed all desire for me to return.  It is a shame that the manager had a superior attitude and bad personal skills this day.  Do not let my experience sway who you go to for your car needs.  I just feel that it was wrong to have been treated this way after being a good customer.  Again, thanks James and the other staff for all that you did over the last few years.

    Tessa, thank you for leaving a review. If not for the feedback from our customers , we sometimes don't know how good or bad we are doing. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience at my Columbia location, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service but sometimes employees don't share the VISION that owners do and changes have to be made, and will be made. What is really painful about this situation is that it was easily preventable unlike some instances that are out of our control. Steps have been made to correct this problem and I will reach out to you personally to help with any compensation that we deem to be fair to both of us. In closing, thank you again for your feedback and I would be honored if you could find it in your heart to try us again in the future, I promise the experience will be great! James Copeland , President Midwest Autoworx Inc. - Midwest Autoworx
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    Trustworthy and reliable! Hard to find that in auto repair.

    Thank you! - Midwest Autoworx
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    Been taking my car here for years. They do good quality work, never give me the run around, and are generally great people. Recommend highly!

    Robyn, Thank you for the great review and trusting us with servicing your vehicle! - Midwest Autoworx
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    Very informative but dropped the ball when it came to the estimate. Was told my rotors up front had to be pressed off in order to change a broken lug bolt. Had I not already known they don't as I changed the rotors already they would have charges me $.300.00 to change one that's ONE LUG BOLT. Which took me thirty minutes with not specialty tools at all. But overall very good for what they portrayed and would go back if I needed a good lie.

    I spoke with my advisor regarding your bad review and he stated that you were only given an estimate for the unsafe tires, alignment and leaking exhaust repair and that you had stated that you would fix the wheel stud yourself. We offer very competitive pricing along with great service and the best warranty in town and you can see that this is true by all the great reviews that we receive, I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the events that happened on that day but any inaccurate estimates will always be corrected if found to be unreasonable during the time of repair, that is the way I have done business for the past 30 years and will continue that policy. My technician did inform me that you had offered him a bribe of $40 dollars to illegally pass your unsafe vehicle thru the Motor Vehicle Inspection which I do take exception to and believe it would best for both of us if you take your business elsewhere . - Midwest Autoworx
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    The staff was incredibly nice. In my experience with auto shops, I've been talked down to, and have had many awful experiences. These guys were so polite, accommodating, understanding, joked around with me, and fixed the issue with my car in very little time. I trust them, and if needed, I'll return.

    Thank you for the great review Jess, we try hard to make our customers happy! - Midwest Autoworx
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    5 star service

    Thank you for sharing review ! - Midwest Autoworx
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    Never had a problem with Midwest. Always dependable.

    Gerard, thank you for the review and for letting us service your vehicles! - Midwest Autoworx
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    Always quality and trustworthy service.

    Thank you Brad! - Midwest Autoworx
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    Great work and fabulous customer service!

    WE try very hard in making our customers happy, thanks Claire! - Midwest Autoworx
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    The Staff was very helpful in getting both my cars repaired in a very reasonable time. Both cars are running great now!

    Thank you Cirilo for the great review! - Midwest Autoworx
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